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  • On May 3 a lecture for the 4th meeting for users of pneumococcal... read more
  • On May 10 a lecture for Denkavit at Voorthuizen...read more
  • On May 17 a lecture at the Máxima Medisch Centrum at Veldhoven....read more
  • On June 1 I am one of the speakers at the IPA World Congress and Probiota Americas in Chicago...read more
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  • 03-12-2011, Vienna, Austria
    Probiotics in the prevention of asthma. 7th International Symposium Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur probiotische Medizin, Imperial Riding School.

  • 22-11-2011, Wageningen
    Probiotics in early life: results of the PANDA study. Themed session on Immune programming and epigenesist. AIO Course on epigenesist and epigenetics: perinatal nutrional programming and physiological consequences. WIAS and VLAG Graduate Schools.

  • 01-11-2011, Leiden
    State of the art: B-lymphocytes. Memory B-lymphocytes for Polysaccharide antigens. LIFI Course in Immunology, Leiden University.

  • 20-10-2011, Wageningen
    Poster discussion session. 13th Gut Day, Wageningen University and Research.

  • 28-09-2011, Middelburg
    Lecture: Vaccination. Roosevelt Academy.

  • 21-06-2011, Brussels, Belgium
    Lecture: The future of probiotic and probiotic health claims and the demand for EU health claims reform. 20th annual Nutrition and Food Labeling: Analysing the impact of changing food policies on new product development and food marketing.

  • 14-06-2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Lecture: Neonatal tollerance. International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh.

  • 13-06-2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Lecture: Pneumococcal Disease, Antibodies, and Vaccination. International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh.

  • 13-06-2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Lecture: Introduction Luminex technology. International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh.

  • 26-05-2011, Utrecht
    Masterclass Autoimmunity for Clinical Chemists

  • 13-05-2011, Amsterdam
    Scientific Probiotic Day. Lecture: Probiotics and immunity Nycomed, KNAW Building

  • 14-15-16 april 2011, San Francisco (CA), USA
    Conference about Microbiota and Mucosal Immunology

  • 29-03-2011
    Lecture: ‘Bringing immunity science in from the cold’ Pre & Probiotics Virtual Conference on Building Gut Health Science and Claims (Live virtual event).

  • 26-01-2011, Utrecht
    Masterclass Allergy for Clinical Chemists

  • 21 januari 2011, Miami (FL), USA
    Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Lallemand/Rosell