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  • On May 3 a lecture for the 4th meeting for users of pneumococcal... read more
  • On May 10 a lecture for Denkavit at Voorthuizen...read more
  • On May 17 a lecture at the Máxima Medisch Centrum at Veldhoven....read more
  • On June 1 I am one of the speakers at the IPA World Congress and Probiota Americas in Chicago...read more
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June 2016

On June 1st I am one of the speakers at the IPA World Congress and Probiota Americas in Chicago. More information about my lecture (What constitutes a health benefit of probiotics: a global perspective) you can read here.

May 2016

On May 17th I’ll give a lecture at a meeting of the department of pediatrics of the Máxima Medisch Centrum at Veldhoven. Theme of the evening is: ‘Voeding en vitamines: ”what you eat is what you get”’. The lecture will be in Dutch: Samen aan tafel: voeding en microbiota.

On May 10th I’ll give a lecture for Denkavit at Voorthuizen. This company organizes their Denkaday for customers and I will speak about the interaction between food, microbiota and immunology.

On May 3rd I’ll give a lecture for the fourth meeting for users of pneumococcal multiplex immune assays at Helsinki. The lecture is about ‘Analysis of the antibody response to pneumococcal vaccination in a cohort of lung transplantation candidate patients’. (Co-authors are Ger Rijkers, Xavier Bossuyt, Diana van Kessel, Thijs Hoffman and Bob Meek.)

April 2016

On April 11th I will give an Ebola lecture for UCR students of the Medical Affairs group. This lecture will be in Eleanor (E9) at 7 PM.

On April 12th there is a workshop for stomaverpleegkundigen in the ADRZ hospital at Goes. Starting at 4 PM until 6 PM, I will give a lecture of 45 minutes during this workshop.

March 18th 2014

Rijkers Biomedical Consultancy is active again! Use the contact form for services and fee information or mail to consulting@gtrijkers.nl.

August 28th 2013

Academic Year UCR started with a cortege from the UCR-building (Oude Stadhuis) to the New Church on Abbey Square.


cortege UCR cortege UCR


April 2013


On April 29th 2013 I delivered my Inaugural Address in the Burgerzaal at University College Roosevelt at Middelburg.

Click here for part two of the inaugural lecture.

For the full text you can click here.

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